“Katrina is an exceptional political advocate whose dedication and passion for positive change are truly inspiring.

Her articulate communication and strategic approach make her a valuable asset in advocating for meaningful policies. I’ve witnessed her unwavering commitment to social justice, and it’s evident that she’s making a lasting impact in the realm of politics. Those who have worked with Katrina have been both enlightened and motivated by her dedication to the United States of America and its leadership in the world, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking a dedicated Congresswoman representing Arizona in the US Congress.”

-Rev. John McGovern

2 the Nations, AZ

“As we enter the third year of the war in Ukraine, Katrina Schaffner continues to show her tireless support for freedom and democracy.

We are both descends of strong, proud Ukrainian grandparents who suffered under authoritarian rule. I met Katrina through our mutual fundraising efforts for Ukraine. When you fundraise with someone you come to know a person‘s spirit and dedication. I have found Katrina to be disciplined, compassionate, and informed. Katrina understands why it is so important for Ukraine to succeed. She understands that when we support Ukraine and their fight for freedom, we, at the same time, are keeping America safe. Ukraine is fighting so the rest of the world does not have to; they deserve our continued support. Please cast your vote for democracy — vote for Katrina Schaffner!”


You Are the Angel, AZ

“Integrity – defined as ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness’.

Looking back on our relationship, first as co-workers then later as friends, when Katrina moved on to start her life with her wonderful family, I was trying to find the best way to describe her as a person. Integrity was the first word that came to mind – her picture should pop up the moment you search the word via any source. When I learned that Katrina decided to run for office, my first thought was “really?” I never pictured her as a politician. She’s passionate, deliberate in her views, trustworthy, simply put the kind of person you can always count on. Not the words I would use to describe todays politician or the political climate in our country. But if you ask the average person in society, they’re likely to tell you a person like Katrina is exactly what they think of when they look for leadership. I remember the day she walked into my office to let me know it was time for her to say goodbye and move on to the next chapter in life. “How am I going to replace her,” I thought. When it was clear there was nothing I could do to convince her to stay, I felt sadness for all of us at our company, both professionally and personally. This was a necessary step for her that ultimately led her to where she is today. When asked by HR to complete her exit interview paper work, I came to the question “would you rehire this team member?” Without hesitation I checked the “Yes” box then realized there wasn’t a space for comments. So I took a few moments to type up some thoughts about her, attached the printout to the HR form and hand delivered it to our HR Director and asked that we modify the form. She read my comments then later followed up and agreed. I wish Katrina well as she moves forward in her pursuit to be part of the next generation of public servants. We need people like her representing us every day. I’m excited for her and her family, I’m equally excited for me and my family knowing that I will sleep better at night having faith and trust in her abilities. She will do a great job and represent the best of what our society has to offer – while doing it with the utmost integrity!”

-Sid C, IL

I am thrilled to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Katrina Schaffner as she enters the race for the House of Representatives.

Katrina’s dedication, passion, and vision for positive change make her an exceptionally promising candidate.
Katrina’s commitment to advocating for the people of Arizona and her unwavering dedication to social justice are truly inspiring. Her ability to articulate complex issues and communicate with clarity and conviction showcases her natural leadership qualities.
As Katrina steps into the realm of politics, her fresh perspective and innovative ideas will undoubtedly invigorate the discourse in our community. Her willingness to listen to the concerns of constituents and engage with diverse perspectives demonstrates her genuine commitment to representing the voices of all Arizonans.
While Katrina brings a new energy to the campaign trail, her passion for public service and her deep-rooted desire to make a difference in the lives of others make her a standout candidate for the House of Representatives. I am confident that Katrina Schaffner will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to Arizona politics and will serve our state with integrity, compassion, and dedication. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and encourage others to join me in supporting her journey to the US Congress

-Oli Nevinska

Co-Founder & Director of Strategic Initiatives at Cactus and Tryzub, AZ

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