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“I have spent my adult life advocating for an economy and healthcare system that works for all of us. I plan to take my experiences from our communities to the halls of Congress where I can continue to advocate for American families and future generations. It’s time we hold corporations accountable and challenge a system that benefits the top 1% while leaving the rest of us behind.

Katrina Schaffner

Katrina Schaffner

Candidate for US House of Representatives

AZ Congressional District 5

National Security

Katrina will invest in long term peaceful resolutions to stand up for democracy and human rights. She will prioritize diplomacy while strengthening our democracy. She will ensure that we invest in domestic policies while supporting our allies.


Katrina will simplify the healthcare system and invest in affordable healthcare for all. She will protect and expand Social Security and Medicare benefits. Katrina is a strong advocate for abortion rights and will ensure fundamental rights to autonomy and reproductive freedoms.

See Katrina’s statement on the AZ Supreme Court Ruling here


Katrina understands that this economy does not work for most people. In order to build a good economic foundation, Katrina will invest in working Americans and hold corporations accountable. She believes that everyone should pay their fair share in taxes.


Katrina knows that this election is about our fundamental values. That is why she will strengthen voting rights and ensure that all votes are valued by implementing a ranked choice voting system. She will end Citizens United to get big money out of politics and supports term limits.

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